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On licking frogs

Last weekend I had a mini panic attack because my sweetheart of a dog, Hogan, woke up one morning and wouldn’t stop slobbering. Poor guy only weighs about 4 lbs, but there he was drooling 10% of his body weight every 60 seconds.

A soaking wet towel and one hour later I rushed him to the vet. I was afraid he’d gotten into some cleaning agent I’d accidentally left out, but as it turns out it was more likely he’d just licked a frog. Apparently, when a dog licks a toad or a frog the dog foams at the mouth and drools for HOURS until it gets the nasty frog skin toxins out of its system.

As to where the frogs came from, well, whenever there are heavy rains the creek behind our house  overflows and the following week dozens of frogs start popping up; in our driveway, by our front door, in our garage. Each night there’s even a frog gathering by the street light. Those guys seem to pay homage to bright lights.

Out of curiousity, I pulled out my Merck Manual of Medical Information to find out what happens to humans when we lick a live frog. (By the way, heck yeah I have one of those books at home. I self diagnose all the time. I’m a self admitted hypochondriac.) I couldn’t find anything useful, so I turned to the internet, Wikipedia to be exact, because we all know that Wikipedia is completely credible, right?

No luck there either so I just started scrounging the internet in general and according to several equally credible sites (ask.com, answers.yahoo) humans experience hallucinigenic episodes when licking frogs. Huh..I know, who knew, right?

Rolling credits for the day.

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  1. Kathleen Porterfield
    September 21, 2010 at 10:00 PM

    My goal tonight was to get caught up on grading and get to bed at a decent hour. But I just wanted to take a quick look at your blog because I enjoyed the email you sent me the other day…now, nearly an hour later and with an untouched stack of grading still staring at me, my shoulders feel lighter, and my cheeks are sore. Laughter is truly the best medicine. Thank you, I needed that! You are such a gifted writer with a knack for words and humor. Thank you for sharing yourself and your gift.


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