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High to low in 60 seconds

A couple years ago someone commented I might be manic depressive. In response, I called him a prick and a few other names I’ll refrain from typing. But, truthfully I think I might be semi-manic depressive. I mean, have you read my rants?? My writing?? That right there is evidence of my mania. Life of the party one minute and the next someone’s asking me if I need a therapist.

In my defense, I’ve got a sh*t lot on my plate and when I’m not on point, it gets to me. The bills, the business, the kids, work, school. THAT’S A LOT, PEOPLE. You can’t blame someone who has a load like that for wanting to slit her wrists every once in a while. NOT THAT I EVER WOULD. Good Lord, I’ve got too many people depending on me to do anything that selfish.

Maybe you can relate. One minute it’s all good, at least you thought it was. Then you get a call, or an email, or a letter advising you of something you need to do or pay. Or you remember a deadline that you’ve been dreading and then the butterflies you were just feeling suddenly start to feel more like a stomach ulcer. The letters on the page seem to swim in front of you, nothing anyone is saying makes sense, and now you need a drink or an aspirin or both.

You want to b*tch or cry, but you know neither will help and you can’t afford the time anyway. And what you wouldn’t do to get back the five minutes just before you realized everything was falling apart.

Rolling credits song for the night.

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  1. claring
    October 2, 2010 at 4:38 PM

    You are so hilarious. You and Christina should be invited to Comedy Central. Let’s add Anjelah Johnson with her vietnamese imitation of Beautiful Nail

    You should hear the way Christina imitates the Filipino language, chinese, jamaican, black, vietnamese and even London english. One time, one of our roomates has asked her if we have a chinese guests over.

    Keep those “wisdom for the day” coming. It’s a welcome change from me working on drawings everyday and figuring out “how to keep adding to my scope of work without overrunning my budget”.

    Reading your blog (did I use that word correctly?) widens my vocabulary…..I had to ask someone what BTW stands for. Having worked on government projects I thought I picked up enough acronyms in my lifetime. I learned LOL when I was watching MONK and learned OMG when I saw a commercial with 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin. Like I used to say… I like to learn new things everyday.

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