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Talk about getting called out…phew!

My husband takes pride in our front lawn. He tries to keep it trimmed and waters it lovingly by hand to keep it green. It’s his thing. Although I don’t really like it, my husband has a tendency to water the grass in his shorts, sometimes with his shirt off and baring all of his middle aged man glory. Yes, you have permission to laugh with me.

Taylor, the baby, complained about it for weeks. “Why can’t Daddy keep his shirt on? Why does Daddy have to mow the lawn like that? He’s almost naked, Mommy, who does that? None of our neighbors do that.”

I had to patiently remind her that most of our neighbors don’t even mow their own lawn, they have landscapers. Since we can’t afford one, she’d have to cut Daddy a break.

She still wasn’t happy so I had to ask her, “What’s the big deal, Taylor?”

In complete exasperation she answered, “Daddy has man boobies!!”

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