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The sweetest thing

One afternoon I found my youngest daughter, who was five at the time, sitting by herself on the back porch. I asked her what she was doing.

“I’m missing Daddy,” she answered sadly. My husband had been in Calfornia on business for the last few weeks.

“Oh sweetie, that’s OK. He’ll be home soon,” I replied soothingly.

“Do you think he knows I miss him?”

“Yeah, sure I bet he does. He knows everything.”

She didn’t seem satisfied but she let it go and I went in the house to continue cooking dinner.

When I looked back outside she was perched on the foot step of one of the taller patio bar chairs and yelling into the greenbelt, “DADDY, I MISS YOU. OH, AND I LOVE YOU, TOO.”

Later that evening when my husband called I mentioned what she had done. It was a good thing, too, because she asked him if he heard her. He told her he did, from Texas to California he assured her he heard his sweet girl proclaiming her love for her Daddy.

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