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Eating out

If we had a family handbook this is what the section pertaining to eating out would look like.

When ordering Mommy takes the lead. If she orders water, that means we have a tight budget, we all order water. If she orders iced tea, everyone can order a soda. If she orders anything with alcohol, wait till she finishes off her 2nd drink, and then, kids feel free to order whatever you want as long as you leave mommy alone to enjoy the rest of her drinks.

Now the rules slightly differ when eating at a fast food restaurant. Mommy still takes the lead and if she orders a small soda everyone else can order a small soda and just get refills, but if she orders a super sized drink that means no one else orders a drink because all seven of us will be sharing that one large drink and just keep getting refills.

Prior to arriving at any buffet restaurant, be sure to familiarize children with their temporary age for the evening. Example: At Golden Corral the girls are 7 NOT 10 and Jr. is 11 NOT 14 because that way we get to recognize the child and young adult prices. Different restaurants vary the age and price break down so it’s important to check those out on their website before actually walking into the restaurant.

If we’re not at a buffet, it isn’t pay day, or Daddy hasn’t just come back from a show, then no, we can’t order any appetizers or desserts.

Before leaving the table be sure to grab any unused disposable items such as, condiment packets, sugar, jam, straws, and napkins. Just throw them in mommy’s purse and we’ll use them at home.

Lastly, when leaving a restaurant it’s important to do a head count. When traveling with such a large group you want to make sure you haven’t forgotten any of the kids. Helpful hints: if either of the girls are missing check the self serve ice cream section because they may be grabbing a cone to go and if you can’t find my brother always check the bathroom. He can never wait until we get home.

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  1. juice
    October 12, 2010 at 3:11 AM

    This immediately makes me think of us with dad while waiting in the admission line for the San Mateo County fair.

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