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I’m so cheap…

I’m so cheap … for the last few days I’ve been hungrily eying the broken office chair our Executive Director at work is trying to trash. One of the wooden arms has completely broken off and the seams have separated in several areas along its side revealing the yellow styrofoam beneath the leather.

I keep thinking that if I can just break the other arm and maybe color in the spaces where the styrofoam is peeking with a black Sharpie, it still might be a good chair. I voiced what I thought were my clever solutions to save the chair, but my Office Manager and Executive Director both just rolled their eyes at me.

  1. November 20, 2010 at 4:51 PM

    Yep, it’s official, deep down somewhere, you must be Dutch LOL!!!!!!
    The Dutch share a reputation for tightness with the Scots, who wins is a battle with some very gray areas in the middle…
    Luckily Himself and I buck the frugility trend rather violently BUT we do like to frequent secondhand shops and recycle stuff as much as possible,and also resist rampant consumerism where we can … that’s the ethical Greenie in us though, which also explains why we are still watching my pre-marriage tiny portable TV as the sole TV in our house, it’s almost 19 years old and simply won’t die, and it’s an ethical sin to us to get a bigger one whilst this one works perfectly.
    Yes, we can afford a big, decent digital TV… but that would be turning traitor to our little hardworking analogue that’s stayed true to us all these years… we couldn’t stand the guilt trip that trashing it before it’s time would involve.
    Most of our friends and family laugh and don’t understand, but I think you would “get it” yes?
    Re: the chair, ditch the Sharpie idea and just recover it. The rest of your plan seems perfectly reasonable to me 🙂

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