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What did one four year old say to two five year olds?

My old neighbors had the cutest little girl. She was only about a year younger than my girls and she had the sweestest four year old lisp. It always made me smile. One afternoon I overheard a conversation amongst the three of them that peaked my interest. They had just finished playing ball and sat in a neat row along the curb beside our house. 

“Whaddya’ wanna’ do now,” Carly asked.

Taylor & Kayla both shrugged in response, “We dunno’.”

Each girl balanced their bent elbows against their knees so they could rest their faces in their cupped palms staring off into the street. After a few minutes Carly started fiddling with her nose. Taylor seemed to be a little bothered, but Kayla didn’t even notice. Carly eventually pulled her finger out of her nose and turned her finger slowly, carefully examining her newfound icky treasure.  About this time her nine year old brother saw what she was doing and yelled for her to put her snot away.

Carly took one last look at her finger and in the sweetest, most innocent voice asked the girls, “Do you want it?’

Taylor made a face and pulled her head back, mimicking the sassy manner she picked up from home. “No Carly,” she instructed, “put that away.”

Carly turned to Kayla and repeat the offer. Kayla looked up and simply replied, “No, thank you.”

At that Carly popped the piece of dry snot in her mouth and stood up, signaling for the girls to do the same, and off they went to play some more. 

Later that evening my husband and I met Carly’s parents for drinks. I had intended to bring it up as soon as we got to their house, but decided to wait until we had a few drinks in us. Three hours and several drinks later I had yet to tell them. Somewhere between the first and fourth drink I started thinking that drunk or sober there’s never really a good time to tell your friends their kid likes to eat her own boogers.

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  1. Kathleen Porterfield
    October 8, 2010 at 7:16 PM

    This is the way I look at it…if you don’t tell your friend when their child is four, their child’s third-grade teacher may tell them during a parent-teacher conference…much more embarrassing for both of us…a-hem…both of them…hypothetically speaking, of course.

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