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Silly things we do to keep up with pretty

An oldie but goodie from my pre-blogging days.

I was telling my friend about the pills I’ve been taking that seem to halt any brainwaves triggering the usual hunger pangs in my tummy. He was amazed. He wanted to know why I would take such crazy pills. I told him to try being a woman.

The moment we feel our beauty slip away most of us women would do anything to get that feeling back, the one that tells us when we walk into a room people take notice. I don’t care what we don’t admit out loud, but there’s a security in knowing you have a pretty face. That may sound superficial but unfortunately I’m just not strong enough to be satisfied with my “inner beauty” alone, although I wish I was. I’m a product of society’s shameful desire to give favor to beautiful things.

Its silly, I know, but I miss walking down the street and turning heads. I miss a great fitting pair of jeans. I miss wearing colors other than black. I miss pants that don’t unzip when I sit down. I miss looking in the mirror and seeing a sexy version of the old me.

That’s my rant. Random thoughts that stream through my mind when I’m sitting and waiting around.

**Disclaimer: I do not condone diet pills at all. I wrote this during one of my not using my head so well phases. That phase is over.

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